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» Store » Sample Cards » Weaving » Color Sample Card - 150+ Hand-Dyed Colors

Color Sample Card - 150+ Hand-Dyed Colors

Price: $19.95

***currently on back order*** please order and I'll put you on the back order list and email you when we have the newly redesigned color card with all 150+ colors

The original collection of the 100 Treenway Silks' colors + our 40 new colors combined on one set of color cards.  The color card is arranged in 'color wheel' order.  These cards have the color # and color name.

Any of our yarns can be dyed any of these colors. Our four silk threads (Harmony, Serenity, Tranquility & Zen Shin) and our 3.5mm ribbon are available in 120 of these 152 colors.

The silk used in this sample card is "Kiku" 20/2 silk yarn  (also called "Zen Shin" silk thread). This color card works for ALL of our silk yarns and silk threads and silk ribbons

Click here for our newest colors.

TIP:  since there are two strands of silk in each color 'hole', when planning your next project, you can remove one strand so you can more easily combine colors and see the interaction of colors. Since one strand of silk is still in the 'hole', it is easy to replace the strands of silk in the right place once you've finished planning...or playing :-)

Note if you have a set of color cards you purchased before 2007, these color cards are in color number order.  Color numbers 1-57 are preceded with "JY"  We no longer use the "JY" but the numbers are still the same.  A complete set (all 100 original colors) of older cards is 5 pages and and include colors #201-#226, #951-#959 and #9510-#9517.

POSTAGE:  if the only item you are ordering is a sample card(s), then we will mail First Class with tracking; postage will be actual cost, but no more than $4.00.  Please note that your estimated postage at check out will be higher than this, but we will finalize your pending charge for the exact amount of the postage.

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