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» Store » Skin Care » All » Artisan Unscented Lotion Bar

Artisan Unscented Lotion Bar

Price: $9.95

“Bee Me” Body Balm

NOTE:  no longer a "deodorant applicator" as in the's now a lovely heart-shaped or flower-shaped bar in a circular tin.

Hand-crafted by Jazzy Bees Apiary, this unscented lotion bar has just five simple ingredients, including beeswax from the artisan’s own hives.

We used this lotion bar extensively before deciding to offer it to our customers--what we LOVE about this particular formulation is we can use it and immediately handle silk!  So many other lotions or bars require time for it "soak in" before you can feel comfortable touching the silk--and who has time to wait?!  

Originally formulated for hands, this lotion bar is wonderful to soften any part of your body 

**added bonus--since it's a solid, it's easier to take with you, should you be traveling by airplane. 

Made in Michigan, USA.

2oz lotion bar

Ingredients:  cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, Vitamin E, lanolin

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