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» Store » Threads & Ribbons » Kelly Clark Designs » Thread Kit - Kelly Clark "Kitchen Hen Sampler"

Thread Kit - Kelly Clark "Kitchen Hen Sampler"

Price: $82.50

Kelly Clark's Kitchen Hen Sampler 18 count painted canvas (KCA 42-18) uses Treenway Silks' 100% silk ribbons. 

We've put together a kit of the Treenway Silks' silk ribbons that are listed in Kelly Clark's Stitch Guide:

     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #12 Pomegranate
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #36 Sun Dance
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #43 Harlequin
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #55 Stonehenge
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #57 Raven Black
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #201 Golden Aspen
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #214 Glacier
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #216 Soft Iris
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #313 Midori
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #952 Pheasant Green
     1 skein  3.5mm ribbon hand-dyed #958 Gypsy Passion

55 yards total

Please refer to Kelly's stitch guide for the other threads and ribbons that she has used.  This kit is the Treenway Silks ribbons only.

note--as always, our postage estimate is high (we never know what size/shape the total items that your cart may contain, which affects shipping cost).  If you're JUST getting this silk kit, we will send it First Class Mail and your shipping costs to a US address will be no more than $3.05.  You won't see this when you check out, but after your package has shipped, a human (me) will finalize your "pending" credit card charge to reflect the actual postage cost.

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