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Shalimar Silk Scarf Kit

***NEW***  Treenway Silks Exclusive

4-shafts is all you need to create this lovely silk scarf with basket weave ground cloth woven with the incomparable muga silk. Reedled silk (yuki), is the pattern weft in the overshot boarders and inlay motifs.  Designed by Anu Bhatia.

Absinthe Silk Scarves Kit

***NEW*** 4-shaft kit make TWO scarves
Featured in Sept/Oct 2021 issue of Handwoven magazine

Designed by Jon Porch, "Absinthe" uses our most popular silk yarn "Kiku" 20/2.  One-shuttle for the weft makes it easy to weave. 

Color Now!

In a hurry?  Your favorite colors are already hand-dyed in our most popular silk yarns.  Color Now! skeins can be mailed to you today.  Selection changes daily.

Any Yarn/Any Color

Any of our 28 silk yarns can be hand-dyed—in Colorado—any of our 150+ colors.  That’s 4,200 possibilities—the ultimate customization!

Rigid Heddle Scarf Kit--Sea Slug Silken Splendor

"Slugs" may sound unappealing, but Sea Slugs have amazing colors! Peg MacMorris, a biologist and weaver, was inspired by gorgeous blue & yellow Chromodoris annae.

65 Roses Silk Scarves Kit

4-shaft weaving kit makes TWO scarves.  Color choices "Hermosa Rose" (pictured above) or "Teal A Cure Is Found"

Treenway Silks donates a minimum of 10% of sales of the 65 Roses Silk Scarves Kit in honor of Andrea's angels to help find a cure for cystic fibrosis (CF).

A Luminous Stream (ALS) Scarves Kit

8S weaving kit makes TWO silk scarves. Designed and woven by Karen Donde.  Featured in Heddlecraft May/June 2020. 

Treenway Silks donates 10% of kit sales to ALS Association, to help find a cure.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Treenway Silks is proud of our exceptional reputation for superior-quality products, exemplary customer service and integrity. If you are ever not satisfied, please let us know and we will work with you to make things right.


65 Roses® Colors

Hand-painted/overdyed colorways available in THREE widths of silk ribbon and FOUR silk threads

“65 Roses” is a term often used by young children with cystic fibrosis (CF) to pronounce the name of their disease.

Treenway Silks donates 10% of sales to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, in honor of Andrea’s angels, to help find a cure.

Silk Threads & Silk Ribbons

FIVE silk threads & FIVE silk ribbons widths. Hand-dyed in Colorado, you’ll find solid colors.  We are the home of hand-painted Montano colorways & 65 Roses® colorways—over 1000 choices!

Use the expanding “Shop Threads & Ribbons” menus on the navigation bar and enter our joyful silk rainbow.

Silk Eyelash--now in 25 colors!

Silk Eyelash is light and airy. You can couch it or stitch with it--long stitches work well on needlepoint canvas.

It's the perfect texture for hair, fur, grass, trees, bushes, fuzzy flowers, feathers or wherever your imagination takes you!

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We Are Open (with appointment, please)

We (Richard and Susan) are in Colorado, home-based, healthy, safe and vaccinated!  We mail silk daily (visitors by appointment, please)

Your silk experts and hand-dyeing specialist since 1977, Treenway Silks offers the most diverse selection of high-quality silk available, which we hand-dyed a rainbow of colors.

In Memory

Mom (Margaret Lee Du Bois) passed away quietly, gently and peacefully in her home on June 9, 2021 after a short illness (unrelated to COVID). 
Mom's ashes were laid to rest next to Dad's in Keokuk National Cemetery, Keokuk, Iowa, on July 13, 2021. 

I was so lucky to have Mom just 1/2 mile from us for 4 years. 
Thank you so much for your messages of condolences--they have helped so much.

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Hand-dyed Grade A1 Tussah Silk

For spinning or creating silk fusion, choose from beautiful colors, such as “Walker Hook”

Naturally Brown Peduncle Silk

Peduncle top is from the "stem" that some of the topcial Tassar (tussah) silk worms make first, to attach themselves securely to the tree branch, before making their cocoon.

Silk Fusion book by Tamara Leberer

A fabulous book entirely devoted to silk fusion (aka "silk felt" or "silk paper")!

Tamara has created this gorgeous 92-page, full-color book filled with step-by-step photos and illustrations.

You'll learn how to layer silk fibers and fuse them with textile medium, design and assemble gorgeous mosaics, plus how to use silk fusion in a variety of projects.

No special skills are needed -- just follow along and create pieces of silk fusion that bloom with color.

Treenway Silks On The Road

  • October 23-25, 2021: exhibiting at TSNS' VIRTUAL Needlepoint Trade Show
  • November 6-7, 2021: exhiibiting at Autumn Needlepoint Reunion (trade show), Frisco TX, Suite 328
  • November 12, 2021: program for PPWG
  • March 4-6, 2022:  exhibiting at Nashville Needlework (trade show), suite t/b/d

Please remember, while on the road, we cannot ship out orders. But we work extra-long hours upon our return to Colorado to send everything out as quickly as possible!

Holiday closures:
November 25, 2021: US Thanksgiving Day
December 25, 2021: Christmas Day
January 1, 2022: New Year's Day
May 30, 2022: US Memorial Day
July 4, 2022: US Independence Day
September 5, 2022: US Labor Day

Hand-dyed Silk Hankies

Lily Pond bombyx silk hankie. Hand-dyed in Colorado.

Treenway Silks proudly donates to

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: at least 10% of sales of all 65 Roses colors & 65 Roses Scarves weaving kits

Treenway Silks proudly donates to

ALS Association: at least 10% of sales of  'A Luminous Stream' Scarves weaving kit