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» Store » Skin Care » Cocoons » Facial Bombyx Silk Cocoons

Facial Bombyx Silk Cocoons

Price: $12.00 - $12.50

These bombyx cocoons are the highest quality--and have been cut by hand to remove the pupa and then inspect the interior.  Only the purest cocoons are included. The cocoons are treated with dry heat (no chemicals) before the pupa was removed.

Cocoons have been used to improve one's complexion--it is very popular in Europe.  And it's easy for even time-crunched people with these Facial Cocoons! Each day, soak one in warm water in a little glass jar for about 15-20 minutes, then place the cocoon on your index finger (or your finger of choice), and rub the cocoon over your face.  That simple.  

I first learned about this when a customer asked me about "rubbing cocoons on your face"  What?!  But Google can provide a wealth of info in no here for my favorite instructional article from the UK (the link will take you to another website) and the one that convinced me try using cocoons myself.  

And because of my own positive experience, we now carry these extra special cocoons!

Here's why I use the cocoons:
     --after just two weeks, I walked into my Local Yarn Shop and one of friends there exclaimed "your skin just glows today"  Well, that was definitely enough incentive to keep using the cocoons daily!
     --the winkle lines (especially those keep "necklace" lines on the neck, have lessened.  I also feel the wrinkles around my eyes, the vertical lines above my nose, my horizontal forehead lines, and those deep lines descending from nose to corners of my lips, have faded.
     --my skin is soft and smooth...I'm now starting to use the cocoons on rough-patches on other areas besides face and neck.
What the cocoons DON'T do:
     --The occasional blemish (pimple) doesn't seem to heal any faster...there are no antiseptic properties to the silk.
     --Do I get fewer blemishes?  Can't really tell, as I've never had many as an adult.
     --There's no sun screening properties to the silk.

Now for the legal "your results may vary." You can just fill in the rest of the "legalese" disclaimers that always appear :-)

We've made it easy for you to get started...cocoons are packaged in 28 (one per week for 4 weeks) and you can get cocons PLUS a little glass jar that doesn't take much space on your bathroom counter (see options in drop down box).

You can cut, dye, paint, embellish with beads or sew the silk cocoons to the end of a fringe--just a few of the creative things you can do with cocoons!  Check our the Treenway Silks' Pinterest Board "What to do with Silk Cocoons"

The silk cocoon is the metamorphosis home of the Bombyx mori silkworm. It is spun in one continuous thread almost a mile long.  This silk is also called 'Cultivated Silk' or 'Mulberry Silk' as the silk worm has been cultivated in China for over 5000 years and the silk worm only eats mulberry leaves.
100% Bombyx Silk Cocoons, Facial Quality

28 cocoons (approximately 15g)  The cocoons vary in size. 

Color:  natural white

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