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» Store » Kits » Fiber » Kit - Fiber - 'Funky Fibers Box'

Kit - Fiber - 'Funky Fibers Box'

Price: $38.95

This kit is full of amazing and fun silk fibres. Most of these funky silk fibres are by–products produced when unraveling the cocoons to make reeled silk yarn. Kinky, curly, wirey, fused and bumpy describe their unique characters.

    Carded Silk Cocoon Strippings come from the loose fibres on the outside of the cocoon, first spun by the silkworm. After carding they are somewhat smooth with little bumps (natural & dyed included).
    Degummed Throwsters Silk is a by-product of the twisting of filament in the reeled silk industry. There are many different types of thrown silks that have been twisted with low, medium or high twist, depending on their intended use. When things go wrong in the throwing mill, the fibres tangle around the machine, or are otherwise unable to be used for finished yarns, they become throwsters silk.
    Natural Silk in Sericin is made up of fibres that escaped during reeling and are straight and wirey with the sericin still in it.
    Carrier Silk Rods look like hollow rods that have been slit. Some of the highest quality silk filaments escape during the reeling process and get wrapped around part of the stainless steel machinery, a carrier rod. Periodically this silk is slit and peeled off the machinery. The sericin is still in the rods giving them a great shape to play with.
    Multicolored Silk Fibre Blend is composed of short fibres and some threads all packed together to make for interesting work.

We have also included Tussah silk sliver as well as both dyed and natural silk cocoons to round out your embellishing, fusing and spinning fun.

Approximately 80g total; colors vary.

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