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Silk Fibers - Undyed -- Fiber

Treenways Silks' Other Fibers includes: hankies, caps, carrier rods, cocoons, degummed throwsters silk, carded cocoon strippings, natural silk in sericin, and noil fiber.

Create stellar spinning, silk paper, knitting, weaving, fusion/felting (which can be a special canvas for stitching, quilting and stamping) projects with Treenway Silks' unique and top-quality silk fibers.

Huge bundles arrive at Treenway in natural color. We sell both the natural fibers for you to use as-is or dye yourself. Or we sell dyed colorways for you to select from.

Natural Silk in Sericin (gummy) -  25g
Price: $6.50

100% Bombyx Silk; also call 'Cultivated Silk' or 'Mulberry Silk'

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Natural Silk in Sericin (gummy) - 200g
Price: $30.00

100% Bombyx Silk; also call 'Cultivated Silk' or 'Mulberry Silk'    This silk is eligible for 10% bulk discount.

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Noil Fiber (combed) -  25g
Price: $5.50

100% Tussah (Wild Silk), combed

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Noil Fiber (combed) - 200g
Price: $24.00

100% Tussah (Wild Silk)    This silk is eligible for 10% bulk discount. 

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Poster - 'The Magic of Metamorphosis' Lifecycle of the Silk Worm
Price: $8.00

Printed on front and back; Includes 5 Bombyx Cocoons

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Sari Silk Fibers - 50g
Price: $17.00

Multi-color.  Each package has a unique combination of colors.

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[ 8 ] Items