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A1 Quality Bombyx Silk Cocoons

Price: $7.95

The silk cocoon is the metamorphosis home of the Bombyx mori silkworm. It is spun in one continuous thread almost a mile long.  

This silk is also called 'Cultivated Silk' or 'Mulberry Silk' as the silk worm has been cultivated in China for over 5000 years and the silk worm only eats mulberry leaves.

Our A1 quality cocoons are whole and intact (the mummified pupa is inside, creating a rattling-sound when the cocoon is shaken).  The cocoons are treated with dry heat (no chemicals).

The cocoons vary in size. Most of them are an oval shape. You can reel (unwind) the silk--putting multiple filaments together to create silk yarn or silk thread.  

Or you can cut, dye, paint, embellish with beads or sew the silk cocoons to the end of a fringe--just a few of the creative things you can do with cocoons! Looking for ideas? Check out Treenway Silks' Pinterest Board "What to do with a Silk Cocoon"

100% Bombyx Silk Cocoons (A1 grade)

20 cocoons (approximately 20g)

Color:  natural

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