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Japanese Exfoliating Cloth

Price: $8.00

Japanese Exfoliating Cloth

This is the most amazing body-scrubbing cloth!

My husband came home from the Japanese store with a "Japanese wash cloth" that he had discovered--he bought two, one for each of us to try.

I'll admit--I was a bit skeptical at is such a long rectangle (11inches x 35 inches), how would I ever be comfortable holding it?

But WOW oh WOW!! I was totally converted after the first few seconds!  It "wads up" in your hand and it so easy to handle. I love the length--it's easy to grab an end in each hand and get the  best one-person back scrub ever!!

Even better--it exfoliates your skin while giving an invigorating scrub!  What a great way to wake up!

I love it so much that it's on my "must pack" list when traveling (remember those pre-COVID days when traveling was simpler?!)

Tips for using:
  --Keep your body wet--soap the wet cloth--it will really lather--and then scrub away.
  --You'll want to avoid putting the cloth directly under the water (until the end of your shower) as the soap will rinse away quickly.
  --Special texture of the cloth stimulates skin and circulatory system.
  --When finished, rinse yourself and the cloth thoroughly. 
  --Cloth is very fast drying, hygienic and durable.

Made in Japan

Japanese Exfoliating Cloth
Color: White
60% nylon/40% polyester

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