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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Rigid Heddle Limited Edition "Fibonacci Flow" Silk Scarf

Kit - Rigid Heddle Limited Edition "Fibonacci Flow" Silk Scarf

Price: $88.95

LIMITED EDITION :"Fibonacci Flow" Rigid Heddle Silk Scarf Kit as featured in Handwoven Loom Theory: Rigid-Heddle Scarf Collection.

This beautifully designed scarf by Peg MacMorris celebrates the beauty of the various natural colors of white bombyx silk yarns and the gorgeous golden muga silk, from India.

This scarf uses FIVE different sik yarns...ranging from the whitest of white reeled silk Glasera*, the soft white of spun silks Margaret & Jorie II, the rustic white of noil silk Alirio-Thicker, and the spectacular naturally golden organic muga silk Carmela.

Both of the spun silk yarns, Jorie II and Margaret, are cabled yarns, composed of multiple strands of 2-ply thin silk threads.  That extra twist in their construction gives them a unique look and makes them extra strong and stable--equally suited for warp or weft.

Your Limited Edition Rigid-Heddle 100% Silk Scarf kit  (scarf approx 7.75" wide and 63" long with 5 inches twisted fringe on each end), and includes:

     17 yds (  5g) Glasera* bombyx silk yarn
    209 yds (39g) Margaret bombyx silk yarn
    123 yds (59g) Jorie II bombys silk yarn
      12 yds ( 3g) Alirio-Thicker bombyx noil silk yarn
    320 yds (44g) Carmela organic muga silk yarn  

Please note--the instructions are only available in Handwoven Loom Theory: Rigid-Heddle Scarf Collection (page 11)Unfortunately, we cannot include the instructions with the kit

And, as with all Treenway Silks limited edition kits, once gone, these scarf kits are retired forever!

*Glasera is an absolutely beautiful yarn, but it’s best to have smooth hands when handling.  Ceclia Quinn, our spinning expert, says:
"It is a good idea to smooth the rough spots on your hands by using lemon juice, sesame milk or a good hand lotion, otherwise the fine cobwebs of silk will catch in every crack!  Any good hand lotion helps if used frequently.  Fresh squeezed lemon juice applied to the hands when the silk starts to snag again have worked in my classes."

My personal notes:
    --sugar scrubs are wonderful for exfoliating your hands. 
    --some hand lotions can leave a residue on your hands that ultimately sticks to the silk.  You may need to wait 10-15 minutes after applying hand lotion.  I find a bees-wax based lotion bar works here for my favorite lotion bar***oops...we are out and I'm checking with my artisan supplier to see if I can get more.
    --because Glasera yarn is “slippery”, we recommend winding a ball by hand (solid center).  However, I find it’s quicker and easier to wind the 17 yard skein onto a business card or index card folded in half.
    --if you're in a dry climate and your silk starts to "fly" due to static electricity, I rub an unscented dryer sheet over my hands (not the silk) and that reduces the “flying”. 

Scarf designed and woven by Peg MacMorris

Thank you Handwoven magazine for the use of your photo with the model. Photo of scarf is by Treenway Silks photographer Thom Harrop

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