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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Surprising Crackle" Silk Scarves Kit

Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Surprising Crackle" Silk Scarves Kit

Price: $135.95 - $143.94

LIMITED EDITION 4-Shaft, "Surprising Crackle" Silk Scarves Weaving Kit

Susan Wilson, author and teacher who specializes in Crackle weave structure, was inspired to create two scarves off one warp, with each scarf being very different from the other.  This project is featured in Handwoven Magazine, May/June 2019, pages 34-36.

To help you get started quickly, we created kits for you--you can purchase the "yarn only" (no draft included) or you can purchase the yarn with the Handwoven magazine issue which includes the draft and the instructions.

Here's what Susan Wilson says:

     "A crackle threading offers an opportunity to make two distinctly different scarves on one warp. 

     "For these scarves, I designed a block arrangement that produces three diamond shapes across the width of the scarf, alternating positive and negative motifs:
        ABCDCBA followed by CDABADC and then ABCDCBA.

     "As a twill structure, crackle is woven with a standard twill tie-up:  four pattern treadles and two tabby treadles.

     "Traditional polychrome treadling has three wefts:  two different pattern colors and one tabby weft, usually the same yarn/color as the warp. 

     "After having fun weaving with three shuttles, for some relief, I treadled the second scarf as point or reverse twill, which created structural stripes. The challenge with this treadling is maintaining an even beat.  Try beating on a closed shed for better control."

Your Limited Edition "Surprising Crackle" Silk Scarves Kit makes 2 lovely 100% silk scarves using our most popular 100% silk bombyx yarn.  Your kit includes a total of 235g of dyed silk:

   --1,506 yds (143g) of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color #16 "Sea Spray"
   --241 yds (23g) of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color #226 "November Maverick"
   --241 yds (23g)g of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color #406 "Blackberry Swirl"
   --487 yds (46g) of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color #186 "Dragonfly"

Optional:   Handwoven Magazine M/J 2019 with instruction on pages 34-36

Finished traditional polychrome crackle scarf is 6-3/4" wide by 62", plus 3" twisted fringe. 
Finished twill scarf is 6-3/4" wide by 66-1/2", plus 1-1/2" twisted fringe. 

And, as a limited edition kit, once gone, these silk kits are retired forever!

Designed and woven by Susan Wilson

Photo with model is courtesy of Handwoven Magazine.  the photos of the scarves are courtesy of Susan Wilson.

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