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» Store » Kits » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - "Natural Elegance" Scarves by Judy Stewart

Kit - Weaving - "Natural Elegance" Scarves by Judy Stewart

Price: $105.00 - $112.99

8-Shaft, TWO Scarves Weaving Kit

Beautiful and luxurious yarns bring sophisticated elegance to simple structures. One outstanding example is Judy Stewart's Natural Elegance in Handwoven magazine May/June 2022 issue, page 59-61.

Judy combined Carmelina (30/2 organic Muga silk) and Silken Cloud (30/2 silk blend 55% silk/45% yak).  These are two of my favorite yarns--I can't believe it took this long to combine them!  Both yarns are the natural color of the silk and yak.

Judy followed an old weaving adage: the more luxurious the yarn, the simpler the weave structure.  Judy decided to use a simple 6-shaft chevron twill, but added a 2-end plain weave at each end of each twill run, using all 8 shafts on her loom.  This unique touch elevates a chevron twill to something extra special.

Judy is an amazing weaver and is always willing to sample to get everything "just right" before embarking on her project.  Judy preferred an "open sett" of 26 EPI (ends per inch).  While it's about 8-3/8" in the reed, the finished scarf is about 6.5" wide.

When weaving, it's easy to "pack in" the weft when the sett is open, so Judy sampled various PPI (picks per inch).  Judy found that while 40 PPI was ok, she really preferred the drape and hand of 36 PPI.

Judy created a scarf that's soft with natural elegance.  It will be loved by whomever wears it.

Your Natural Elegance Scarves Kit makes TWO scarves, each about 6.5" wide and 61" long (plus 6" fringe each end, before twisting).

Each kit includes:
    --1,780 yds (119g) of Carmelina (30/2 spun organic muga silk yarn)  note--we've included enough silk for 40 PPI
    --   819 yds (53g) of Silken Fog (30/2, 50% bombyx silk/50% yak)
Your have the option to include Handwoven Magazine May/June 2022 issue (or not--see drop down box selection), which has all the instructions.

Scarf designed and woven by Judy Stewart for Treenway Silks.

Thank you Handwoven for the photo with the model
Thank you Charles Stewart for the detail photo on crocheted table cloth

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