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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Sweet Peony" Silk Shawl by Anuradha Bhatia

Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Sweet Peony" Silk Shawl by Anuradha Bhatia

Price: $169.95 - $177.94

LIMITED EDITION 6-Shaft, "Sweet Peony" Silk Shawl Weaving Kit

Anuradha Bhatia visited Treenway Silks--once she touched the muga silk, she was immediately transported back to her home country of India.

Anu paired the naturally golden organic muga with two colors of peony colors in Zola (bombyx silk). Two colors to add a richness in the background cloth that you just can't get with a single color.

Anu selected supplemental warp to highlight the beauty of Carmela, our precious organic muga silk.

Does "supplemental warp" sound scary?  It always did to me until I was motivated to try it and found it was actually fairly easy (I don't have a double back beam, and for a single-shawl warp, I don't feel it's necessary).

NOTE: WIND YOUR SUPPLEMENTAL MUGA WARP as a separate chain that's 9 inches longer than your dyed plain weave background Zola silk warp. This takes into account the difference in take up between background warp and the supplemental warp.

Sweet Peony Shawl is featured in Handwoven Magazine, Jan/Feb 2020 "A Sense of Place" issue, pages 50-52.

To help you get started quickly, we created kits for you--you can purchase the "yarn only" (no draft included) or you can purchase the yarn with the Handwoven magazine issue which includes the draft and the instructions.

Your Limited Edition "Sweet Peony" Silk Shawl Kit includes a total of 178g of silk:
   --368 yds (57g) of Zola (12/2 spun silk yarn), color #45 "Diva"
   --856 yds (131g) of Zola (12/2 spun silk yarn), color #46 "Peony"
   --293 yds (40g) of Carmela (15/2 organic muga silk yarn)
  Handwoven Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 with instruction on pages 50-52

Finished shawl is 11.5" wide by 79", PLUS 5-1/2" twisted fringe. 

And, as a limited edition kit, once gone, these silk kits are retired forever!

Designed and woven by Anuradha Bhatia

Photo with model is courtesy of Handwoven Magazine; scarf photo by Treenway Silks photographer Thom Harrop

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