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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Broken Borders" Silk Scarves by Cathleen Coatney

Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Broken Borders" Silk Scarves by Cathleen Coatney

Price: $99.95

LIMITED EDITION 8-Shaft or 4-shaft Silk Scarves Weaving Kit

Cathleen Coatney designed the fabulous "Broken Borders" jacket published in Handwoven March/April 2015 issue (p 48-50).  We loved this look so much that we asked her to develop a scarf for us using the same draft and "clasped weft" technique.

Using natural white as the "base" really lets the clasped weft accent colors sparkle--what a fresh look for spring and summer! 

The "clasped weft" technique creates a lot of ends on the selvages--and neat selvages matter on scarves!  You can always handle the ends in the typical way, but Cathy decided to embrace the opportunity and made fun fringe on the sides!  

For a bit of extra sparkle, Cathy randomly added beads to the fringes--both the side fringe and the bottom fringe.  SO MUCH FUN!

Too much fringe for you?  Just eliminate the end fringes, weave the scarf longer and then hem.   Or twist and sew the ends together for infinity scarves!

Your Limited Edition Broken Borders Silk Scarves Kit makes TWO 100% silk scarves and includes:
  --1,020 yds (62g) of naturally white Gekko (60/2x2 spun silk yarn)
  --   900 yds (91g) of naturally white Alirio-thinner (20/2 silk noil)
  --   100 yards accent weft (20 yards each in 5 coordinating colors) of hand-dyed Yuki (8/2 reeled silk yarn)
        SEE photos to left and dropdown box for color choices
  --Handwoven March/April 2015 issue with 8-shaft draft and clasped weft instructions (p48-50)
  --4-shaft alternate weaving draft

And, as a limited edition kit, once gone, these scarves kits are retired forever!

Note on 8-shaft vs 4-shaft drafts...the 8-shaft version allows the accent wefts to have longer floats which allows more of the color to show.  The 4-shaft version has closer "tie-down" warp threads than the 8-shaft version, but it is just as lovely.

8-shaft version of scarf woven by Cathy Coatney in "Purple Passion" for Treenway Silks. 

Cathy's Tropical Bloom version won three awards when entered in the Colorado State Fair: 
     1st Place Fashion Accessories
     Judges' Choice Award from Handweavers Guild of Pueblo
     Best Wearable Award from Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild.
Congratulations Cathy for creating such a lovely scarf!

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