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» Store » Color Now! » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "65 Roses" Scarves Kit

Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "65 Roses" Scarves Kit

Price: $139.95 - $140.95

LIMITED EDITION 4-Shaft, 65 Roses Silk Scarves Weaving Kit  

Featured in Handwoven Sept/Oct 2019--the 40th Anniversary issue (p48-50), are our 65 Roses Scarves, (100% silk, of course!), a collaboration between Robin Wilton & Susan Du Bois.

Treenway Silks donates a minimum of 10% of sales of the 65 Roses Silk Scarves Kit in honor of Andrea's angels to help find a cure for CF

Original colorway "Hermosa Rose" on model (left)
***NEW*** colorway "Teal A Cure Is Found"  (see photo of yarn, left)
Make color selection in drop down box

This draft is sett at 30 EPI.  For reasons we couldn't really explain, the "as-drawn-in" version wanted to be 38 PPI and the other version was happy at 33 PPI. We've included enough weft silk so you can weave both of your scarves "as-drawn-in".

Your Limited Edition "65 Roses" 2-Scarves Kit makes two scarves, each about 7.75" wide and 60" long (including 6" fringe each end, before twisting), and includes:

ORIGINAL color "Hermosa Rose":
       975 yds ( 93g) of Kiku (20/2 Bombyx silk, aka 'mulberry' silk), color #23 Truffle
       330 yds ( 31g) of Kiku (20/2 Bombyx silk, aka 'mulberry' silk), color #403 Mexican Chocolate
    1,384 yds (132g) ofKiku (20/2 Bombyx silk, aka 'mulberry' silk), color #420 Hermosa Rose

NEW color "Teal A Cure Is Found" (see photo of yarn, left)
       975 yds ( 93g) of Kiku (20/2 Bombyx silk, aka 'mulberry' silk), color #321 Teal Ocean (middle skein)
       330 yds ( 31g) of Kiku (20/2 Bombyx silk, aka 'mulberry' silk), color #xxx New "Mink Grey" (right skein)
    1,384 yds (132g) ofKiku (20/2 Bombyx silk, aka 'mulberry' silk), color #214 Glacier (left skein)

Option: include a .pdf of the pages from Handwoven magazine S/O 2019 issue plus a black & white print out of those pages (see drop down box selection)
Please note, the Handwoven issue is sold out.

Each scarf is approximately 7.75" by 60", plus fringe.  

This project is near and dear to my heart...over 20 years ago, Susie Rider and I worked together while she was pregnant with her first child, Andrea.  When Andrea was about 4.5 years old, her "failure to thrive" was finally diagnosed as cystic fibrosis (CF), an incurable disease. 

What inspires me to support Andrea's angels is Susie channeled her grief and pain over Andrea's diagnosis into fighting for a cure.  Susie organized Andrea's angels (Aa) and has been tirelessly raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for a cure ever since!!

You don't realize it, but you also "know" Susie, too, as she designed the Treenway Silks logo and she designs all our print ads and other graphic needs.

Since I became the Treenway Silks owner on August 1, 2011, I've been trying to think of a good way to support Andrea's angels, fighting for a cure for CF. 

Handwoven magazine's 40th anniversary issue, dedicated to re-imagining past Handwoven projects into current ones, reminded me of the wonders of 'name draft' and the secret message woven into each piece.  What a great idea for a fundraising project!

The phrase "65 Roses" came to mind as that's the term often used by young children to pronounce the name of their disease.  I wanted a bit longer phrase and settled on #65RosesAa.

Name drafts are traditionally woven as overshot, but I wanted a structure with more drape for scarves.  And I wanted to design these scarves on 4 shafts.  I chose crackle because it has four blocks on four shafts and can be woven with one shuttle (yay to one shuttle!!)

Using my own code (assigning each letter of the alphabet to one of the four blocks), I developed a profile draft with the name #65RosesAa as the basis.  I expanded it and played with symmetry, added reversals, and applied a bit of creative license by adding or deleting a block at the “joins” of the repeat.  

Satisfied with the profile draft, I used "block substitution" to change it in to a crackle threading draft with a standard 2/2 twill tie-up and "as-drawn-in" treadling.

As I like a bit more "curves & waves" look, I played with the treadling and showed and alternate draft to Robin.  We each liked both drafts, so why do we have to choose? We don't! So Robin wove one of each darft!

To celebrate both Handwoven's 40th (ruby) anniversary and the word "rose" in the name draft, we created a new, warm rosy color based on the rose variety Hermosa, that is used in the weft.  To see the rose that inspired the color, click HERE

Scarf designed by Susan Du Bois and woven by Robin Wilton for Treenway Silks.
Thank you Handwoven magazine for the use of the photo with the model.
Other images taken by Treenway Silks' photographer Thom Harrod.

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