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» Store » Roving/Sliver, Natural » Roving/Sliver-Undyed » Peduncle Tasar Silk Roving/Sliver (A1 Grade) Wild Silk - 50g

Peduncle Tasar Silk Roving/Sliver (A1 Grade) Wild Silk - 50g

Price: $28.50

Peduncle top is from the "stem" that some of the topcial Tassar (tussah) silk worms make first, to attach themselves securely to the tree branch, before making their cocoon.

The peduncle (or 'stem') is a dark brownish color,  These "stems" are separated from the cocoons and processed differently.

India has 10 major varieties of Tassar (tussah) silks worms.  The cocoons we have, a few which still have the peduncle attached, are tropical wild "relly" tassar variety that is found deep in the forest in east-central India.

To see those cocoons (after peduncle removed), click here and to see our peduncle silk yarn click here

Other tropical tassar silk worms (which produce the peduncle) include the "daba" variety.  These can be reared by tribal people in buildings, and the silk worm attaches its peduncle to a heavy rope hanging from rafters (see left)

When the silk worm creates the peduncle "stem" this silk is short fiber length (compared to continuous filament which makes the cocoons).

The staple length of our Grade A Peduncle top is about 4-5 inches and the diameter is 23-24 microns.

The natural brown color is lovely.  There's a subtle gold undertone, which helps it blend beautifully with naturally golden muga (see photo left)

Treenway Silks has used the same silk supplier in India for over 15 years and he consistently delivers top quality.

50 Gram (1.8 oz) packages

Color: natural cool brown color with subtle gold undertone

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