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Yarn-Dyeing Service & Colors

Price: $22.00

Hand-dyed For You - Treenway Silk Yarns

Any Yarn Any Color!  Any of Treenway Silks' 30+ yarns (in skeins) or ribbons can be hand-dyed in any of 100+colors.

Our silks are hand-dyed in Colorado using Treenway Silks' specially developed colors.  Because hand-dyeing is both a science and a craft, colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot. Irregularities within a skein are part of the hand-dyeing process.

Remember to order the natural/undyed yarn or ribbon you want dyed (and as hand-dyers, we can only dye skeins--not cones)...this is where you order the color you want your silk dyed.  

Dyeing Service PER COLOR:

1* Skein Dyed for $22,
2 or more* Skeins Dyed for $13 each 

Note--the multi-skein discount will be manually applied (by a human--yup, we still exist!) before the pending charge to your credit card is finalized at the time your dyed silk is mailed to you.

* Exception:  skeins that are 150g or more (currently Yomo, our silk/wool yarn) are charged as 2-skeins for dye services.  Also, 13mm ribbons are not eligible for the multi-skein discount.

To view Treenway Silks' 100+ Colors -click here for Treenway Silks Pop-up Color Chart.  

How to Order -

     1.  Select the undyed yarns or ribbon hanks you want us to dye for you.  Add them to your shopping cart.  
     2.  Next, add "Yarn-Dyeing Service and Colors" to your shopping cart. Consider the number of total skeins your ordering and the color you want.
           You may mix and match yarns and ribbons to be dyed the same color to take advantage of the multi-skein dyeing rates. 
     3.  Select your Treenway Silks color from the drop-down box.  Then in the Quantity box, enter the number of skeins to be dyed that color.  Click the "add to cart" button.  

           The multi-skein discount does not appear in your cart--it will be manually applied (by a human--yours truly) at the time your dyed silk is mailed to you and before the charge to your credit card is finalized.
           Each skein that is 150g or more, will be charged as 2-skeins for dye services.
           Dye orders of $150 or more require a non-refundable 25% deposit.  We will contact you for this.
           Please note--we do not dye 26mm ribbon hanks

Please allow 4 weeks for dyeing.  We try to be quicker but cannot guarantee speedier service.

Treenway Silks' skeins of yarn vary a bit in weight, so we charge by the gram; therefore, if your skein is a bit lighter, you'll pay a bit less and conversely, if your skein is a bit heavier, you'll pay a bit more.  Due to the weight variance we do not finalize the charge on your credit card until just before shipping when each skein you ordered is weighed.

If you have specific yardage or weight needed for your project, please, provide us a note during check out and we will meet those needs or give you a follow up call to discuss your order.

We understand that ordering with Treenway offers many options - so PHONE US if you have questions. 
Toll free - 1.888.383-SILK(7455), phone - 303.233.SILK(7455)
We love to help.

Click for Treenway Silks Pop-up Color Chart You can look at the colors while you're ordering.  But remember, color matching on a computer monitor (even a color-corrected monitor) is not accurate--it's an approximation at best.

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