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» Store » Threads & Ribbons » More Designers » Thread & Ribbon Pack - Deanna Hall West - Marguerite Daisies

Thread & Ribbon Pack - Deanna Hall West - Marguerite Daisies

Price: $45.00

PieceWork magazine's Winter 2023 issue: Marguerite Daisies by Deanna Hall West, pages 40-43

The Winter 2023 issue of PieceWork magazine begins a four-part series of lovely embroidery designs by the fabulous Deanna Hall West.

Deanna doesn't realize it, but I've been a silent "groupie" of hers for a couple of decades--I own many of her silk ribbon embroidery books. Her "Stitch in Time" library is always so well researched, explained and diagramed.

Marguerite Daisies is a Silk Ribbon bouquet based on a Victorian pelerine. "Pelerine" is a new word for me--as always, PieceWork articles are detailed and anticipate your questions. Page 42 has a photo of the inspiration behind "Marguerite Daisies" and explains "A pelerine is a short woman's cape or tippet made of fur or fabric.  It has long panels hanging down the center front and is waist length in the back."

If you don't have a copy of PieceWork Winter 2023 issue, you can order one HERE from the publisher, Long Thread Media.

We've put together a threads & ribbon pack for your convenience. Each pack includes:
1 skein Serenity (reeled silk thread) #303 Beehive Gold
1 skein Zen Shin (spun silk thread) #317 Green Tourmaline
    1 skein 3.5mm silk ribbon in 65 Roses* color "White Tea Rose"
    1 skein 3.5mm silk ribbon in Montano color "Spring Green"
    1 skein  3.5mm silk ribbon in #00 Natural White

*"65 roses" is how young children with cystic fibrosis often pronounce the name of their disease. We donate 10% of all 65 Roses sales to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, in honor of Andrea's angels, to help find a cure.  Thank you for supporting this cause with your purchase of this thread & ribbon pack.

35 yards total

Photo credit for image styled and stitched project, Matt Graves for PieceWork magazine.

DETAILS & Tips About the Threads & Ribbons Marguerite Daisies Pack
--All of the silks are from the Bombyx mori silk worm, often referred to as "mulberry" silk.
--Hand-dyed in Colorado--color fast. We use acid dyes with heat and then rinse until water runs clear.
--Wash in tepid to cold water

Serenity—100% Reeled Silk—8/2 silk thread

--thread size is between a #5 and #3 perle
--this 2-ply thread has a bit softer twist than a typical perle thread
--each of the 2-strands is comprised of many parallel, unbroken silk filaments
--the minimal twist keeping the silk filaments together, paired with the softer ply twist, gives this silk thread the most sheen and luster of any of Treenway Silks’ threads
--can be divided (with care, as the silk filaments can separate from one another, especially in dry climates)
10 yards (1/2 skein fits onto a standard sewing machine bobbin)

Serenity Stitching hints:

--smooth hands are extremely helpful—use a sugar scrub or other hand exfoliant before handling Serenity
--use a needle with a large eye
   --needlepoint canvas, try tapestry 20 or 22 needle
   --fabric, try chenille needle size 18 or  #1 Gold Eyed Milliners needle
--Keep your thread length no longer than 18”
--stitch going straight up and straight up as much as possible, especially if stitching on needlepoint canvas (do not drag your thread across your canvas)
--suitable for 13-mesh canvas (brick stitch) and for decorative stitches on 18-mesh canvas

Zen Shin—100% Spun Silk—20/2

--equivalent in size and twist to #8 perle
--2-ply thread, not designed to separate the strands
--a wonderfully easy thread to use
--suitable for decorative stitches on 18-mesh canvas
10 yards (1 skein fits onto a standard sewing machine bobbin)

About Treenway Silks’ Ribbons (5-yards each skein)
--All widths of Treenway Silk's ribbons are woven with selvage edges.  The selvage edge can hold up to stitching on fabric or being pulled through canvas.
--The silk used is the highest quality reeled silk which still has the sericin in it.  The sericin acts as a natural sizing. 
     --The warp (length-wise) threads are two strands of fine silk which are twisted together. There are 300 fine warp threads per inch.
     --The weft (cross-wise threads) is a single silk strand.
     --The ribbon is woven in plain weave, where the weft thread goes over and under each individual warp thread, all the way across the ribbon, giving a strong, stable ribbon.

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