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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Absinthe" Silk Scarves by Jon Porch

Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Absinthe" Silk Scarves by Jon Porch

Price: $165.95 - $173.94

LIMITED EDITION 4-Shaft, "Absnithe" Silk TWO-Scarves Weaving Kit

Monk's Belt is a nice structure, but it's never really struck my fancy.  Then I saw how Jon interpreted it--wow oh wow!! Jon's made me a fan! 

This is such a great scarf...the color blending and value changes are awesome. And Jon's made it generously wide.

Plus, Jon used one shuttle (rather than the traditional two) to weave easy is that?! 

We figured you'd love it as much as we do, so we've included enough silk in the kit to make TWO of these fabulous scarves on a 4.75 yard warp.  We know you have a special someone who would love a handwoven gift from you!

To help you get started quickly, we created kits for you--you can purchase the "yarn only" (no draft included) or you can purchase the yarn with the Handwoven magazine Sept/Oct 2021 issue which includes the draft and the instructions.

Your Limited Edition "Absnithe" Silk Scarves Kit makes 2 lovely 100% silk scarves using our most popular 100% silk bombyx yarn.  Your kit includes a total of 297g of dyed silk:

   --   470 yds (  45g) of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color #304 "Chamomile Gold"
   --   342 yds (  33g) of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color #951 "Tequila Sunrise"
   --   342 yds (  33g) of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color #212 "One Hundred Acre Wood"
   --   513 yds (  49g) of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color # 39 "Tasmanian Myrtle"
   --1,440 yds ( 137g) of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color # 57 "Raven Black"

Each silk scarf, finished, is 11.5" wide by 63" long, plus 1.5" fringe.

As a limited edition kit, once gone, these silk kits are retired forever!

Designed and woven by Jon Porch

Photos are courtesy of Handwoven Magazine (Sept/Oct 2021, page 44 and 46)

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