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Yarns - Undyed -- Cobweb (singles)

SILK YARN is wonderous! Nothing else compares!
Make stunning woven cloth, luxurious knits and crocheting, braids, tassels and embellishments with Treenway Silks' silks.
Many of our shiny, soft and smooth yarns have been designed by Treenway Silks to meet your special needs.

Things to know about ordering Treenway Silks' yarns: 

   --All bales arrive in Colorado undyed. 
   --You may order undyed (natural color) yarn, and if you'd like, order dyeing as an additional item.
   --For Treenway Silks' yarns that are already dyed, check out our Color Now! selections here.  

   --Treenway Silks' skeins vary a bit in weight, so we charge by the gram.  If your skein is a bit smaller, you'll pay a bit less; conversely, if your skein is a bit heavier, you'll pay a bit more.
   --When we pull your skeins and weigh them, your price will adjusted before your credit card charge is finalized.
   --If you have specific yardage or weight needs for a project, please, provide that information in the "comments" box during check out and we will meet those needs or give you a follow up call to discuss your order.
   --Before you order you may wish to visit About Silk  where we provide information about our silk products. 

Flirtatious - Silk Eyelash Yarn (65% silk/35% polymide), lace weight
Price: $41.00

Bombyx Silk; also call 'Cultivated Silk' or 'Mulberry' silk.     This silk is eligible for 10% bulk discount.  3,100 yds/lb; 680 yds/skein

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Kinetta - 100% Tasar Peduncle (Wild Silk) Spun Yarn, 10/1 (cobweb weight)
Price: $31.00

This silk is eligible for 10% bulk discount.  4,800 yds/lb; 1,060 yds/cone

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Shanta - 100% Eri (Wild Silk) Yarn--handspun on Takhli Spindle, 10/1 (cobweb weight)
Price: $21.70

This silk is eligible for 10% bulk discount.   4.310 yds/lb; 725 yds/skein

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Alirio - Singles 100% Bombyx Noil Spun Silk, 10/1, cobweb weight
Price: $12.00

100% Bombyx Silk; also call 'Cultivated Silk' or 'Mulberry Silk'     This silk is eligible for 10% bulk discount. 4,800 yds/lb, 1,160 yds/skein

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[ 4 ] Items