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» Store » Yarns - Undyed » Natural (Undyed) » Shanta - 100% Eri (Wild Silk) Yarn--handspun on Takhli Spindle, 10/1 (cobweb weight)

Shanta - 100% Eri (Wild Silk) Yarn--handspun on Takhli Spindle, 10/1 (cobweb weight)

Price: $21.70

This yarn is special as it is hand-spun by villagers in India who deliberately create a rustic, uneven yarn.  Because each individual spinner has hand-crafted equipment, each piece is unique--which makes the each skein size (weight and length) unique.

Is Eri silk PEACE SILK? not really.
is an eco-friendly product.  

If you have past issues of SpinOff magazine, you might want to read Winter 2013, page 42, which has a terrific article by Karen Selk, founder of Treenway Silks.  She "myth-busts" many things related to "peace silk".  Here's the article's sidebar info:
  • Ahimsa silk is a patented term referring to an eco-friendly method of manufacturing spun mulberry silk
  • Eri silk could be peace silk, but most likely it is not, as almost always the pupa is removed for feeding people or other animals
  • Don't assume that because tussah, muga and eri silk are wild silks they are peace silks--muga and tussah are also reeled and the eri pupae are used for food--so check your sources.
  • The only true peace silk is made from cocoons in which the pupa has matured into a moth.  Most often this is for breeding purposes, and the quantity of this type of silk is very small.
  • The caterpillars produced from the eggs resulting from all the matings from unstilfed cocoons (200 to 500 eggs per moth) would not have enough food and they would die from starvation and neglect.
  • Sericulture is a sustainable, renewable, environmentally friendly resource that gives million of rural people a healthy, family-oriented lifestyle.
Treenway Silks views the entire silk eco-system and what that means (see the last bullet above), so we choose not to seek out and carry "peace silk", the origins which seldom can be substantiated.

Purchasing SHANTA:
Our skeins sizes vary a bit in size, ranging between 45-70 grams, with the average skein being 50 grams. 

We’ve listed the price for the AVERAGE weight skein.  We charge by the gram, so if your skein is a bit lighter, you’ll pay a bit less and if your skein is a bit heavier, you’ll pay a bit more.  If you need specific yardage for a project, please let us know in the comments section at check out so we can select the correct skein(s) for you. 

Once your skein is pulled and weighed, we will adjust your price and then process your credit card. We will call you if we have any questions.

Color: Natural  OR…for any of 100+ colors, order this yarn and then go to ‘Dye My Order’ to have your silk dyed for you.  Or shop Treenway Silks’ Color Now! yarns

Yarn Name Meaning: Peaceful, Calm (Hindi, Sanskrit) 

Learn About: Karen Selk's recent trip to shop for Eri silk here.

Treenway Silks has used the same silk supplier in India for over 25 years and he consistently delivers top quality.

Yarn Details
yarnapprox. skein wt.yd/lbm/kgyds/skein
10/1 (hand-spun)
cobweb weight
2.5 oz
4,310 9,500 725
For Weavers
Plain Weave
(supple) sett
Plain Weave
(supple) sett
Twill sett
not suitable for warp not suitable for warp not suitable for warp
For Knitters
Typical Gauge
4" or 10cm
U.S. needle size
Metric needle size
18+ 32+ 00-2 1.75-2.75

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