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» Store » Yarns - Undyed » Natural (Undyed) » Kinetta - 100% Organic Tasar Peduncle (Wild Silk) Spun Yarn, 10/1 (cobweb weight)

Kinetta - 100% Organic Tasar Peduncle (Wild Silk) Spun Yarn, 10/1 (cobweb weight)

Price: $31.00

The yarn was named because it is a very energic yarn.  A bit overtwisted, it creates some wonderful textures when weaving with it.  An end-feed boat shuttle is helpful.

This very unusual silk yarn is from the tropical tussah (tasar in India) caterpillar. This “little guy” has a cocoon spinning process unlike any other silk producing caterpillars in the world, including the temperate tussah silkworm.

When the tropical tussah caterpillar is ready to spin its cocoon, the first silk is spun back and forth to form a stem, called a peduncle. The caterpillar spends an entire day creating the peduncle and then it begins to spin the cocoon. 

As nothing is left to waste in India, the village women in the tasar-rearing areas have developed a multi-step process of turning the silk peduncles into silk yarn. Learn more about this process in the Founder’s Corner (India Trip, pt1, look for the tabs just above the white background area) as Treenway Silks' Founder Karen and Terry were able to view the entire Tasar Peduncle Yarn production process during their recent trip to India.

Unlike the honey-colored cocoon, the stem is nearly black. The peduncle yarn is a deep gray-brown color; it is a bit uneven, similar to a hand-spun yarn. The yarn is firm. Because the ply has a heavy twist, the yarn is put up on cones. As this silk is spun from short strands of the peduncle, this plied yarn is not suitable for warps.

Our cone sizes vary a bit in size, ranging between 75-110grams, with the average cone being 100 grams. 

We’ve listed the price for the AVERAGE weight cone.  We charge by the gram, so if your cone is a bit lighter, you’ll pay a bit less and if your cone is a bit heavier, you’ll pay a bit more.  If you need specific yardage for a project, please let us know in the comments section at check out so we can select the correct skein(s) for you. 

Once your cone is pulled and weighed, we will adjust your price and then process your credit card. We will call you if we have any questions.

Treenway Silks has used the same silk supplier in India for over 15 years and he consistently delivers top quality.

Color: Natural

Yarn Name Meaning: Energy (Greek)

Yarn Details
yarnapprox. cone wt.yd/lbm/kgyds/cone
10/1 (singles)
cobweb weight
100 g
3.5 oz
4,100 8,250 1,055
For Weavers
Plain Weave
(supple) sett
Plain Weave
(supple) sett
Twill sett
not suitable for warp not suitable for warp not suitable for warp
For Knitters
Typical Gauge
4" or 10cm
U.S. needle size
Metric needle size
n/a 26-32+ 0-3 2.0-3.5

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