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» Store » Yarns - Undyed » Natural (Undyed) » Takhli Tasar - 100% Organic Wild Tasar Silk Yarn hand-spun on an Iron Takhli Spindle

Takhli Tasar - 100% Organic Wild Tasar Silk Yarn hand-spun on an Iron Takhli Spindle

Price: $43.75

Wild Tasar Silk, Hand-spun on an Iron Takhli Spindle

We have a few skeins of a new, extra special yarn from India!  This singles yarn is made from the naturally golden brown wild tasar silk cocoons.

These silk cocoons are hard—the total opposite of eri silk cocoons.

To spin yarn from these cocoons, women from the Chasi tribal village cut up cocoons from which the moth has already emerged.  These are softened and then the silk is hand-spun on an iron takhl spindle.

The yarn is absolutely lovely!  I’ve included two close up, paired with another wild silk yarn.

The first close-up photo has golden Carmela (15/2 muga silk) on the lower left and Takhli Tasar on the upper right. This shows the comparative size of the two and how the two natural colors are just gorgeous together.

The second close-up photo has naturally brown Kinetta (tasar peduncle) on the upper left and Takhli Tasar on the lower right.  The Takhli Tasar is thicker and much more golden than Kinetta.

Being hand-spun, the grist (thickness) of the yarn varies within a skein, which adds to the beauty and charm of the yarn.

I can see Takhli Tasar as weft strips paired with an assortment of our wild silks from India: muga silk (Carmelina or Carmela), Omshanti (white eri or red eri silk), Shanta (eri silk handspun on a takhli) and/or Kinetta (peduncle).

I’m always hesitant to use a singles yarn for a warp as I prefer to weave with really tight tension.  But many other people use singles on their warp, so give it a try if you’re braver than me!

I estimate a 100g skein of Takhli Tasar has about 300-350 yards. As with any hand-crafted item, the weight of the skeins vary.  I’ve weighed a sampling of skeins and they range from 85g to 125g. 

We’ve listed the price for the 125g skein. We charge by the gram, so if your cone is a bit lighter, you’ll pay a bit less.  in the comments during checkout (step 5), please indicate if you prefer a larger or smaller skein.

Treenway Silks has used the same silk supplier in India for over 20 years and he consistently delivers top quality.

Color: Natural

Yarn Details
yarnapprox. skein wt.yds/skein  
singles 125 g
4.4 oz
375-440 yards    

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