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Yarns - Undyed -- Knitting

SILK YARN is wonderous! Nothing else compares!

Things to know about ordering Treenway Silks' yarns: 

   --All bales arrive in Colorado undyed. 
   --You may order undyed (natural color) yarn, and if you'd like, order dyeing as an additional item.
   --For Treenway Silks' yarns that are already dyed, check out our Color Now! selections here.  

   --Treenway Silks' skeins vary a bit in weight, so we charge by the gram.  If your skein is a bit smaller, you'll pay a bit less; conversely, if your skein is a bit heavier, you'll pay a bit more.
   --When we pull your skeins and weigh them, your price will adjusted before your credit card charge is finalized.
   --If you have specific yardage or weight needs for a project, please, provide that information in the "comments" (Step 35 during check out)
   --Before you order you may wish to visit About Silk  where we provide information about our silk products. 

Kit - Knitting - Russian Medallion Shawl
Price: $45.00 - $52.99
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Kit - Knitting - Silken Fog Stole
Price: $45.00 - $52.99
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Kit - Knitting - Trousseau Silk Stockings
Price: $17.00 - $24.99
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Kit - Knitting - Wedding Mitts
Price: $21.60 - $29.59
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[ 4 ] Items