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Kit - Knitting - Wedding Mitts

Price: $21.60 - $29.59

Katrina King designed and knitted these heirloom Wedding Mitts (fingerless gloves) to knit for a special occaision, using Silken Cloud (70% bombyx silk/30% cotton). 

The pattern, Mehndi-Inspired, was published in Piecework May/June 2017 Lace Issue, p 29-32.  The pair of mitts weight 20g, so you can make 3-4 pairs from an 80g skein of Silken Cloud.

You can purchase the undyed yarn (approx 80g) with or without the Piecework issue. 

For our dyed silken Cloud that is ready to ship (Color Now!) click here 

Or, to select the color you want for your Silken Cloud dyed, go to ‘Dye My Order’  (dyeing will be extra charge, billed separately)  If questions, call us toll free 1.888.383.7455 (silk) or email

Cotton is a cellulose fibre derived from the seed of the plant, similar to milk weed fluff. Cotton is the most consumed of all the natural fibres due to its versatility, high performance and appearance.

Cotton is soft, flexible, comfortable, strong, absorbent, washes easily and has a fair amount of elasticity. Silk blended with cotton adds more length, elasticity and shine to the cotton and is more affordable than 100% silk.

Yarn of the combined fibres is a pleasure to weave, with the hand of cloth being soft, smooth and cool, perfect for summer garments and scarves.

Color: Natural  OR…for any of 100+ colors, order this yarn and then go to ‘Dye My Order’ to have your silk dyed for you.  Or shop Treenway Silks’ Color Now! yarns

Thank you Piecework magazine for the lovely photo of the mitts.

Yarn Details
yarnapprox. skein wt.yd/lbm/kgyds/skein
 60/2x2 cabled yarn
lace/thread weigh
100 g
3.5 oz
8,000 16,075 1,760
For Weavers
Plain Weave
(supple) sett
Plain Weave
Twill sett
28 EPI 30 EPI 34-36 EPI
For Knitters
Typical Gauge
4" or 10cm
U.S. needle size
Metric needle size
18+ 32+ 00-2 1.75-2.75

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