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» Store » Silk Fusion - scroll down to see products » Combed Top/Sliver-Undyed » Tussah Silk Combed Top/Sliver (Bleached) A1 Quality - 50g

Tussah Silk Combed Top/Sliver (Bleached) A1 Quality - 50g

Price: $16.00

A1 grade Tussah Wild Silk Combed Top/Sliver, "bleached". Fiber length is approximately 6 inches (15cm).  Our Tussah is "Chinese Oak Tussah"

In the fiber industry, "bleached" tussah is understood to mean "whitened" and that actual bleach (NaClO) is NOT used in the whitening process.  Our bleached tussah is processed and whitened using sodium carbonate Na2CO3 and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Our tussah silk is produced by a wild caterpillar that lives mainly in China, India and Korea.These feisty caterpillars have thwarted all efforts by humans to domesticate them. Regardless of where they live, the leaves they consume contains tannin. Tea also has tannin--that is what stains your teacup a light tan color. And this same tannin in the leaves gives the tussah silk its natural light honey color...until it is whitened.
Anita Deen hand-spun silk and knitted the sample

50 Gram (1.8 oz) packages

Color:  white 

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