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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - 2 Skeins=2 Scarves; 'Gothic White Cross'

Kit - Weaving - 2 Skeins=2 Scarves; 'Gothic White Cross'

Price: $69.95

4 Shaft Weaving Kit makes 2 scarves

Weaving with OmShanti

We introduced our two commercially spun Eri Silk yarns, OmShanti-White and OmShanit-Red, in February 2023.  If you missed it, CLICK HERE, as there’s a lot of information that’s helpful background.

We are excited about OmShanti! Commerically spun White Eri Silk yarn is rare and we believe this is the first time Red Eri Silk has been commerically spun. It's so light and airy!

In the introduction story, I suggested that using the whiter OmShanti-White and the creamier OmShanti-Red together would make an elegant white-on-white project.

Robin Wilton, a weaver with 40+ years and who has collaborated with Treenway Silks on several weaving projects, was up to the challenge—and here are her gorgeous scarves!

Just in time to weave for Mother’s Day, summer weddings, graduation gifts or evenings out at your favorite restaurant! The understated elegance of white-on-white is classic.


Draft from A Handweaver's Pattern Book by Marguerite Porter Davison; “Gothic Cross” from page 41.

Loom:  4 shafts / 6 treadles

Project:  2 scarves; each scarf is 6.5 inches wide by 75.5” (64.5 inches woven and 5.5 inch fringe on each end).

Treenway Silks Yarns—1 skein of each:

  • OmShanti-White [100% Eri Silk, 20/2], natural white (warp)
  • OmShanti-Red [100% Eri Silk, 20/2], natural white (weft)

Sett:  24 EPI [2 per dent in 12 dent reed]

Ends:  195 [193 ends plus 2 floating selveges]

Warp Length:  5.0 yards for 2 scarves
Warp length planning per scarf: 72 inches woven (measured under tension) + 6 inches fringe on each end + 4 inches for take up in the warp (176 nches for both scarves); plus 2 inches loom waste (above and beyond the fringe at beginning and end of warp).  If you require more loom waste, then you can adjust the length of your woven scarf or length of your fringe]

Width in Reed:  8 inches

Picks per Inch: 31

Two Treadling options (same treadling sequence, different tie-ups)

Finished scarves:  each scarf is 6.5 inches wide by 75.5” (64.5 inches woven and 5.5 inch fringe on each end).

This kit includes
     --one skein OmShanti-White (eri silk)
     --one skein OmShanti-Red (eri silk)
     --a printed copy of the pattern draft, including Robin's Weaving Notes


Scarves woven by Robin Wilton for Treenway Silks

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