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» Store » Combed Top/Sliver, Natural » Cocoons » Buttons made from Wild Tasar Silk Cocoons

Buttons made from Wild Tasar Silk Cocoons

Price: $3.00 - $27.00

Only available at Treenway buttons made from Wild Tasar Silk Cocoons. The perfect finishing touch for your one-of-a-kind knitted or woven creation!

Wild Tasar Cocoons from India are "hard" cocoons--quite different from Chinese Tussah Cocoons or Bombyx mori cocoons, which are spun by different species of silk worms.

The clever and resourceful villagers in India have figured out a way to use Wild Tasar Silk Cocoons and create covered buttons.

The buttons are ever so slightly bigger than a US quarter dollar coin. If you look closely at the close up photo with the white background, you can just see a bit of the button extending beyond the coin.  A US Quarter is 7/8 inch or 2.4 cm. 

The backs and base of the covered buttons are white plastic--this will prevent rust marks on your clothes over time

We have them available individually or in sets of 10 (if either option doesn't appear in the drop down box, that means we've sold out of that option.

You're probably wondering about washing your garment with these buttons.  I did a little wash test:

I soaked one button in a cup of HOT water with a bit of soap for 5 minutes. (I used synthrapol soap, as that's what we use when washing silk before we dye it). 

Then I agitated it for 5 minutes, making sure to continuously "bang" the button against the side of the cup.  Keep in mind that the sides of the cup are smooth--not exactly what you'll experience hand-washing your garment. I also periodically rubbed the silk against my thumb.

I rinsed it in cold water, blotted dry with a towel, and then let it dry. 

The button looks exactly as it did before washing.

Dry cleaning...I have no experience with this so you're on your own!  But always talk with your dry cleaner about the chemicals they use and also point out that the backs of the buttons are plastic.

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