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» Store » Silk Fibers - Undyed » Cocoons » Wild Silk Cocoons - Chinese Oak Tussah - 5 count

Wild Silk Cocoons - Chinese Oak Tussah - 5 count

Price: $9.80

The Chinese Oak Tussah silk worm, Antheraea pernyi, spins tussah silk.

We are lucky to be able to offer these tussah cocoons from China whole and intact (the mummified pupa is inside, creating a rattling-sound when the cocoon is shaken). So you can try reeling with them! 

These cocoons are huge--and a few have even have leaf impressions on the outside--really cool!  The cocoons are not treated with any chemicals.

The cocoons vary in size. Most of them are an oval shape. You can reel (unwind) the silk--putting multiple filaments together to create silk yarn or silk thread.  

5 cocoons (approximately 15g)

Color:  natural

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