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Silk Hankies - 25g

Price: $15.95

Hankies (also known as mawata) are made from a single cocoon, stretched into ten inch square.  A single hankie (as light and airy as a spider web) is made from a single cocoon and weighs between one-third and one-half gram.

One experienced worker can stretch 5 kg (5,000g) of cocoons into hankies per day. Since one kilo of cocoons produces 150g of hankies, one person makes 750g of hankies per day.

In the center area, the silk filaments cross-cross in all directions, bouncing the light in many directions; filaments along the "selvages" are parallel, concentrating the light reflection, making the selvages shinier than the center.

Gently pull apart the delicate 100% bombyx silk layers and attenuate each to knit it unspun or spin it into fine singles.  collage a few hankies together for silk fusion or add them to felting projects. 

25 grams (0.9oz) package

Color:  natural

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