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Handwoven Magazine East-Meets-West Issue

Price: $7.99

The Handwoven March/April 2015 issue is themed "East Meets West" 

Cathleen Coatney designed a wove a really stunning jacket "Broken Borders" using Treenway Silks' silk yarns (I was privileged to borrow it to wear to a guild meeting--feels fabulous!!)

We love the clasped weft technique so we asked Cathy to use the same silk yarns and techique to create a scarf.  Cathy's Tropical Bloom version won three awards when entered in the Colorado State Fair:  1st Place Fashion Accessories, Judges' Choice Award from Handweavers Guild of Pueblo, and Best Wearable Award from Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild. Congratulations Cathy for creating such a lovely scarf!

If you'd like to weave the scarf, we have a kit for that--click here.


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