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» Store » Books & Patterns » All » Handwoven Magazine Fancy Fringes Issue

Handwoven Magazine Fancy Fringes Issue

Price: $7.99

The Handwoven M/J 2017 issue is themed "Fancy Fringes" 

Treenway Silks has a collalborative project, "Knotty Macramé" inspired by an ikat Mexican rebooz scarf and the impetus originated with Anita’s vision for the fringe. 

When challenged to design “faux ikat” with 4 shafts, I looked to Color and Weave effects—and my favorite resource is Margaret B Winderknect’s Color-And-Weave II book.  Dreaming of spring’s rebirth, I selected natural white, blue and green colors to interpret the draft on p35 (2-18). 

The next step was passing off the silk yarn and draft to Charlotte Updike, who wove it, leaving an extra long 18" fringe.  Then we mailed it to Anita Osterhaug to knot the fringe, creating macramé magic.

Love the project?  We have created a kit for you--click here


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