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» Store » Combed Top/Sliver, Natural » Combed Top/Sliver-Undyed » Organic Muga Silk Combed Top/Sliver (A1 Grade) Wild Silk - 50g

Organic Muga Silk Combed Top/Sliver (A1 Grade) Wild Silk - 50g

Price: $28.50

Muga silk is gorgeous and it is wondrous to spin.

Muga silk is naturally a rich gold color and was traditionally reserved for royalty.

This silkworm is found in the microclimate in the Assam region of India and is relatively rare. To see muga silkworm click here

The Antherea assama (muga) silkworm is a ‘cousin’ to the Antherea mylitta (tussah) silkworm. Both silkworms eat leaves that contain tannin--the same substance in tea that stains the cup--so both silks are naturally a golden color. 

Muga fiber is a deeper gold color than Tussah silk.  See Muga (left) and Tussah (right) side by side.

The caterpillar producing muga silk eats leaves from Som (machilus bobycine) or Soalu (litsaea polyantha).  The tussah silkworm eats the leaves from one of these trees--Arjun (terminalia argun), Asan (terminalia tomentosa), or Oak. 

The fibere length of our Muga top is about 6 inches, which is a bit longer than our A1 Quality Tussah silk top. Our muga top is 12.5 to 14 microns.

Hand-spinners love working with muga—it reacts about the same as tussah silk (which is easier to spin than Bombyx silk sliver) and you get a very shiny and golden yarn. Yum!

Treenway Silks has used the same silk supplier in India for over 15 years and he consistently delivers top quality.

Hanspun and hand-knit by Diane de Souza

50 Gram (1.8 oz) packages

Color: natural golden color





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