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» Store » Kits » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - 2 Skeins=2 Scarves; 'Simply Elegant' Broken Twill

Kit - Weaving - 2 Skeins=2 Scarves; 'Simply Elegant' Broken Twill

Price: $89.95 - $99.95

4 Shaft Weaving Kit

This is a simple, but elegant twill scarf, which allows the beauty of the silk-blend yarns to shine. These yarns work equally well for men’s or women’s scarves.      

Combining two silk-blend yarns -- silk/yak (grey) with either silk/cashmere or silk/angora rabbit gives these luxurious scarves a wonderfully soft hand. 

Pick the combination you want for your kit:

    Gokana (80% Bombyx Silk/20% Cashmere, 30/2) and  Silken Fog (55% Bombyx Silk/45% Yak, 30/2)

    Silken Ankara (55% Bombyx Silk/45% Angora Rabbit, 30/2) and  Silken Fog (55% Bombyx Silk/45% Yak, 30/2)

Simply Elegant kit includes one skein of each yarn and the pattern draft. 

To see the draft immediately, you can download it at FREE weaving draft.

Each kit makes two scarves, each scarf is approx. 8.75" wide, 72" long (including fringe) sett 36 EPI. 

Note--we originally wove the scarves with the warp out of Camelot Blanc (55% Silk/45% whitened camel), but that yarn is no longer available. 

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