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» Store » Yarns - Undyed » Natural (Undyed) » Silken Fog - Silk-Blend Yarn (55% Bombyx Silk & 45% Yak), 30/2, lace/thread weight

Silken Fog - Silk-Blend Yarn (55% Bombyx Silk & 45% Yak), 30/2, lace/thread weight

Price: $45.00

Yak is a valued beast of burden living above the snowline in the Himalayan Mountains. It provides meat, milk, hair and hides to the people living there.

Silk lends the delicate yak down substance, sheen and elasticity. At the same time, the silk becomes softer and warmer with a lovely soft brown/grey colour when blended with yak.

This exotic blend is heavenly to weave and knit yielding a soft drapeable cloth with especially beautiful colour, just perfect for light jacket weight or unisex scarf.  I confess, this is my favorite yarn!

When winding into a ball, we recommend putting an empty paper towel cardboard tube (or something similar) over the center post of your ball winder (you can cut the tube to the height of the center post).  When finished winding, remove the yarn ball with the tube still in the center-this will prevent the center of the ball from collapsing (a collapsed center can create "bunching" which can lead to tangles).  Work the yarn from the outside of the ball.  

This fabulous yarn is used in the "Silken Fog Shawl" published in Piecework Magazine, M/J 2015.  And also in two of Mara Bishop Statnekov's "Santa Fe" shawl series--"Santa Fe Mountain Trail" and "Santa Fe Summer Skies" (available on Ravelry)

Our skeins sizes vary a bit in size, ranging between 90-100grams.

We’ve listed the price for the AVERAGE weight skein.  We charge by the gram, so if your skein is a bit lighter, you’ll pay a bit less and if your skein is a bit heavier, you’ll pay a bit more.  If you need specific yardage for a project, please let us know in the comments section at check out so we can select the correct skein(s) for you. 

Once your skein is pulled and weighed, we will adjust your price and then process your credit card. We will call you if we have any questions.

Color: Natural  OR…for any of 100+ colors, order this yarn and then go to ‘Dyeing My Order’ to have your silk dyed for you.  Or shop Treenway Silks’ Color Now! yarns

Purchase $150 of 'bulk' undyed yarns or fibers and receive a 10% discount on those items. The discount will be applied manually before finalizing your credit card charge.

Yarn Details
yarnapprox. skein wt.yd/lbm/kgyds/skein
lace/thread weight
100 g
3.5 oz
7,400 14,880 1,625
For Weavers
Plain Weave
(supple) sett
Plain Weave
(firm) sett
Twill sett
28 EPI 32 EPI 34-36 EPI
For Knitters
Typical Gauge
4" or 10cm
U.S. needle size
Metric needle size
18+ 32+ 00-2 1.75-2.75

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