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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - 2 Skeins=2 Scarves; 'Tidal Pool' Shadow Weave

Kit - Weaving - 2 Skeins=2 Scarves; 'Tidal Pool' Shadow Weave

Price: $99.95

4 Shaft Weaving Kit  Each kit makes two scarves!  Weave one for yourself and give one as a gift!  

Shadow weave traditionally uses two colors in the warp and the weft (alternating light & dark). 

As shadow weave needs 2-shuttles, it can be a bit slower to weave, but the intricate design with just 4 shafts makes it one of my favorite weave structures.  

And, if you switch the starting order of the yarn colors, you get a completely different design--a fun option for the second scarf!

Each kit includes

   --two skeins of Zola (12/2, 100% Bombyx Silk) in coordinating colors (see drop down box for color options currently available)
   --a printed copy of the pattern draft.

To see the draft immediately, you can download it at FREE weaving draft.

Makes two scarves, each scarf is approx. 5-3/4" wide, 58" long (plus fringe), sett 20 EPI.

We love that some of these limited edition color combinations can work equally well for men or women.

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