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» Store » Roving/Sliver, Natural » Roving/Sliver-Undyed » Silk / Camel (55%/45%) Sliver/Roving - 200g

Silk / Camel (55%/45%) Sliver/Roving - 200g

Price: $48.00

55% Silk/ 45% Camel

This blend is heavenly to spin!

Both the silk and the camel down are the same fiber length, (1" to 1.5"), creating a homogneous blend. A homogeneous blend looks, feels and handles nearly like a single fiber type and more easily spins a consistant yarn because the component fibers are evenly distributed.

The majority of camel hair comes  from the two-humped Bactrian variety, which survives in extremely cold climates.

Camel hair is comprised of two qualities:  relatively coarse outer hair and inner down fiber.  Shearing, combing or collecting the hair shed during molting season are the different ways of obtaining the fiber. 

Fiber length is one to one-and-a-half inches, with the best coming from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia.  An expensive process of separating the long coarse hair from the down, called ‘dehairing’, is necessary before spinning the yarn.  The longer hair is used to in making felt for Mongolian yurts. 

The camel down keeps the camel warm so the fiber is lightweight and warm with a nice luster.

The short camel fiber acquires shape retention, sheen and durability when blended with silk.  The silk attains a beautiful tan color, softness and warmth.  The yarn is strong, yet cuddly and scrumptious to knit or weave.  Scarves or shawls made from this yarn are soft and warm.

Fiber Length is 1" – 11/2"

Hand-spun and hand-knitted by Diane de Souza

200 Gram (7oz) packages

Color: natural tan camel

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