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» Store » Roving/Sliver, Natural » Roving/Sliver-Undyed » Silk / Cotton (55%/45%) Sliver/Roving - 50g

Silk / Cotton (55%/45%) Sliver/Roving - 50g

Price: $14.00

55% Silk/ 45% Cotton               

Silk blended with cotton adds more length, elasticity and shine to the cotton and is more affordable than 100% silk.  Yarn made from these combined fibers is a pleasure to use, with the hand of the cloth being soft, smooth and cool, perfect for summer garments and scarves.

Cotton is a cellulose fiber derived from the seed of the plant, similar to milk weed fluff.  The cotton plant is a tropical and subtropical shrub.  After the plant finished flowering, a seedpod or boll forms. 

The mature boll opens to let in air to further dry the seeds.  It is important to harvest at this time before rain.

A downy fiber, called lint, surrounds the seeds inside the boll.  Separating the lint from the seed was a difficult job made much easier by the invention of the cotton gin, which squeezes and “saws” the seed from the fiber. 

The fiber is graded for length, uniformity, color and fineness.  Carding aligns the fibers, removes foreign matter and short fibers before spinning.  Higher quality cotton is also combed before spinning, providing a stronger, more uniform, smoother fiber with greater luster.

Cotton is the most consumed of all the natural fibers due to its versatility, high performance and appearance.  It is soft, flexible, comfortable, strong, absorbent, washes easily and has a fair amount of elasticity.  Short staple length and depletion of the soil nutrients are its weakest properties. 

Staple length is 3" – 4"

Handspun and hand-knitted by Diane de Souza

50 gram (1.8oz) package

Color: Natural white

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