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» Store » Roving/Sliver, Natural » Roving/Sliver-Undyed » Silk / Cashmere (15%/85%) Sliver/Roving - 50g

Silk / Cashmere (15%/85%) Sliver/Roving - 50g

Price: $19.95

85% Silk / 15%Cashmere      

Cashmere is luxuriously soft, fine and lofty, providing lightweight warmth.  The addition of silk makes cashmere more affordable and durable as well as adding luster.  Cashmere provides silk a downy softness. 

The yarn produced by this luscious marriage weaves and knits like a dream, providing a soft, drape-able fabric suitable for scarves or shawls.

The high Himalayan Mountains of Asia are the origin of the Cashmere Goat. 

China is the largest producer of cashmere and maintains that the best fiber comes from the extreme cold of Inner Mongolia.  It is the fine undercoat, ranging in color from deep brown, grey or white, which we prize for its feel.

Cashmere fiber is combed from the goat during the spring molt in Chinaand Inner Mongolia.  The outer guard hair is clipped first, making it easier to comb out the one-to-three inch down.

Shearing is preferred in western countries, although this method can produce second cuts and leave precious down behind.  The costly dehairing process is necessary to separate the guard hairs from the undercoat before spinning.

Fiber length is 41/2" – 5"

Handspun and hand-knitted by Diane de Souza

50 gram (1.8oz) package

Color:  natural white

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