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» Store » Roving/Sliver, Natural » Roving/Sliver-Undyed » Silk / Bamboo-Retted (60%/40%) Sliver/Roving - 200g

Silk / Bamboo-Retted (60%/40%) Sliver/Roving - 200g

Price: $44.00

60% Silk/ 40% (retted) Bamboo   

Our silk/bamboo blend is special as it is "retted" (similar to linen) rather than "extruded" (like rayon).

There are over 1,000 types of bamboo, which grow worldwide.  It is a renewal resource that is extremely fast growing, ready for harvest in 1-4 years, generates more oxygen than trees and is exceptionally hardy, tolerating drought and drowning.

The bamboo fiber is filled with micro gaps and holes which enables it to absorb and evaporate perspiration quickly, making it cool, breathable, anti-bacterial and good summer wear.  The fiber is easy to straighten and spin with good tensile strength and abrasion that dyes easier than cotton.

The bamboo “stems” are crushed for processing.  Bamboo is composed of 20% starch, which is broken in an alkaline solution before processing the fiber.  It is exciting to be processing bamboo, which promotes rural-life styles involved in agriculture, forestry and handicraft.

Blending bamboo with silk brings a cool and crisp almost papery feel to the silk while softening the bamboo.  And, bamboo fiber is able to absorb and evaporate perspiration quickly, making it cool, breathable, anti–bacterial and good summer wear.

Staple Length is 5” – 6“

Handspun and hand-knitted by Diane de Souza

200 Gram (7oz) packages

Color:  natural white

Purchase $150 of 'bulk' undyed yarns or fibers and receive a 10% discount on those items. The discount will be applied manually before finalizing your credit card charge.

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