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» Store » Threads & Ribbons » Hand-dyed (solid color) Threads & Ribbons » Garnet Collection -Shinju Thread (size 5 silk perle)

Garnet Collection -Shinju Thread (size 5 silk perle)

Price: $48.00

Garnet Collection - Shinju Silk Thread

You're lucky if your birthday is in January and garnet is your birthstone.  There are several lovely photos of cut garnet on the Gemological Institute of America ( website--CLICK HERE Who knew the stone came in so many colors of red?!

Inspired by the Garnet stone's many shades of reds, we've put together a Garnet Collection in Shinju for your stitching pleasures.

Garnet collection includes:
    1 skein Shinju (#5 perle), color #21 Pondicherry
    1 skein Shinju (#5 perle), color #20 Bordello
    1 skein Shinju (#5 perle), 65 Roses color* "Munstead Wood"
    1 skein Shinju (#5 perle), color #45 Diva
    1 skein Shinju (#5 perle), color #43 Harlequin

*Treenway Silks donates a minimum 10% of sales to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, in honor of Andrea's angels, to help find a cure for cystic fibrosis (CF)

50 yards (1/2 skein fits onto a standard sewing machine bobbin)

Details about Shinju—100% Spun Silk, tightly twisted

--similar in size to #5 perle
--3-ply thread, not designed to separate the strands
--precise twist aids in creating incredibly tight stitches
--the beauty of this thread is amplified when stitching knots, such as Bullion Knots, Bullion Loops, French Knots and Bullion Roses to name just a few
--suitable for decorative stitches on 13- or 18-mesh canvases

Hand-dyed in Colorado--color fast. We use acid dyes with heat and then rinse until water runs clear.
Wash in tepid or cool/cold water.

The silk is from the Bombyx mori silk worm, often referred to as "mulberry" silk.
"Shinju" means pearl in Japanese.

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