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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Perfect Pairing" Silk Scarves by Brenda Gibson

Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Perfect Pairing" Silk Scarves by Brenda Gibson

Price: $150.00 - $157.99

LIMITED EDITION 8-Shaft, "Perfect Pairing" TWO-Scarves Weaving Kit
Designed and woven by Brenda Gibson, UK
Featured in Handwoven magazine, Sept/Oct 2023 issue.

we are taking pre-orders--we will ship kits at the end of August, after the magazine has been published.

Brenda excels in creating original hand-woven designs in satin--I'm the proud owner of two of her multi-shaft handwoven scarves. I couldn't decide which to get so I got both!


Brenda creates "shading" by changing the face of the cloth from weft-faced to warp faced. Brenda also has a wonderful design eye for blocks. She's created two satin-weave scarves to capitalize on each of these design strengths [see photo left].


Brenda has a gazillion creating similar effects with 8 shafts was a design challenge--and she nailed!


The instructions will be in Handwoven magazine, Sept/Oct 2023 issue...coming out in mid-August.  For now we have limited the photos to tight details.  We will add more photos after the Handwoven magazine issue is published.

Your Limited Edition "Perfect Pairing" Silk Scarves Kit makes 2 lovely 100% silk scarves two different types of silk. 


One scarf is "shaded" (this requires a lot of treadles, so best on a table loom or a computer-aided loom) and the other is "blocks" (this can be done on an 8-shaft floor loom.  There's enough silk in the kit to make one of each.


You have the option of purchasing the silk only, or the silk & Handwoven S/O 2023 magazine.

   --1,680 yds ( 100g) of Taiyo (30/2 bombyx spun silk yarn), natural white
   --   467 yds (   28g)* of Taiyo (30/2 bombyx spun silk yarn), color # 57 "Raven Black"
   --1,495 yds ( 100g) of Carmelina (30/2 muga spun silk yarn), natural golden color
*we're including a full skein of Taiyo color #57, to give you extra flexibility to "make it your own"

Each silk scarf, finished, is 9" wide by 58" long.

As a limited edition kit, once gone, these silk kits are retired forever!

Designed and woven by Brenda Gibson



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