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» Store » Silk Fusion - scroll down to see products » Combed Top/Sliver-Undyed » Nistari, naturally yellow Bombyx Silk Combed Top/Sliver (A1 Quality) - 50g

Nistari, naturally yellow Bombyx Silk Combed Top/Sliver (A1 Quality) - 50g

Price: $23.00

Nistari, naturally yellow A1 grade Bombyx Silk Combed Top/Sliver

Yellow bombyx mori cocoons are found in SE Asia, Bengal and India.  Our yellow bombyx silk is from India, produced in the general region as Muga and Eri.  The locals call it "Nistari"

Nistari is a different race than its white bombyx mori counterpart.  The color is NOT caused by the food it eats--Nistari silkworms eat mulberry leaves, just like the white bombyx mori silk worm.

The cocoons are an amazingly intense golden yellow (see photo left).  The color is somewhat fugitive.  This means by the time the silk has been processed, much of the color is gone.  The sliver is a lovely soft buttery yellow.

Nistari's fiber length is 5-6 inches (13-15cm) and its diamber is about 12-13 microns (finer than the 15 micron white bombyx silk).

We recommend washing in COLD water.  Wash by itself.  Do not use any soap with bleaching agents or hydrogen peroxide.

Nistari bombyx has a slightly different feel than our white bombyx sliver from China.  The Nistari doesn't feel quite as as "slippery" as the bombyx from China.  We expect it will be a bit easier to spin.

50 Gram (1.8 oz) packages

Color:  natural soft buttery yellow

Silk from India



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