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» Store » Silk Fibers - Undyed » Hankies (mawata) » White Eri Silk Mawata Cake - 25g

White Eri Silk Mawata Cake - 25g

Price: $16.95

These White Eri Silk mawata cakes are made by our Silk Guy in India.  His company supports local workers and no child labor is used. To see a video of these mawata cakes being made, ciick here

The Philosamia ricini silkworm produces eri silk. This caterpillar eats the leaves of the Castor plan (ricinus communis) or Kesseru (heteropanax fragrans).  This caterpillar is mostly reared in the Assam region of India.  

Unlike the other silk worms that produce one continuous strand of silk while creating its cocoon, the eri silk worm starts and stops during the three day process.  This causes breaks in the silk strand, making it undesirable to reel the silk.

Eri silk has less sericin (the protein ‘glue’ that protects the silk and holds the silk together in its cocoon shape) than other types of silk, so the eri cocoon has a fuzzy texture.  Click here to see eri cocoons.

To process eri silk (or any type of silk) into combed top/sliver, the sericin must first be reduced or removed—called 'degumming'.

Eri silk is less lustrous than bombyx mori silk, making it less popular with people seeking the traditional high-sheen of silk.

25 grams (0.9oz) package

Color:  natural

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