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» Store » Yarns - Undyed » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "A Winter Confection" Scarves Kit

Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "A Winter Confection" Scarves Kit

Price: $99.95 - $107.94

LIMITED EDITION 8-Shaft, 2-Scarves Weaving Kit  

Featured in Handwoven January/February 2019 issue (p32-34), is Sandra Hutton wonderful 8-shaft advancing point twill.  Sandy's design coloration makes me think of icicles.  for added interest, Sandy selected a pale, sophisticated peach color in the warp to create a suble stripe.

Resilience setts at 33 EPI for this project.  This is a unique blend of fibers.  Bamboo has become common, but this is RETTED bamboo, which is processed like linen and other bast fibers.  The bamboo gives the yarn a little more body, or "crispness" compared to 100% silk.  Sandy also noticed less static electricity than the typical extruded or "rayon" bamboo yarns.

Your Limited Edition "A Winter Confection" 2-Scarves Kit makes two scarves, each about 9" wide and 62" long (including 6" fringe each end, before twisting), and includes:

    1,435 yds (85g) of Resilience (60/2x2 60% Silk/40% retted Bamboo yarn), color #15 Azure
       480 yds (30g) of Resilience (60/2x2 60% Silk/40% retted Bamboo yarn), color #413 Peach Frappe
    1,295 yds (78g) of Resilience (60/2x2 60% Silk/40% retted Bamboo yarn), undyed natural white
    Your option to include Handwoven Magazine J/F 2019 issue (or not--see drop down box selection)

Each scarf is approximately 10" by 60", plus fringe.  

And, as with all Treenway Silks' limited edition kits, once gone, these scarves kits are retired forever!

Scarf designed and woven by Sandra Hutton for Treenway Silks;
photo credit:  Handwoven magazine (thank you for the use of the photo)


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