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» Store » Color Now! » Silk Blends » Color Now! - Gōkana - 80% Bombyx Silk & 20% Cashmere - 213 Celadon

Color Now! - Gōkana - 80% Bombyx Silk & 20% Cashmere - 213 Celadon

Price: $77.00

This soft and beautiful yarn is used in Katrina King's "Wandering Paths Stole" to Knit project in Piecework magazine Fall 2018 issue, page 74-78.  Katrina's stole weighs 81 grams.  A 95g skein will have sufficient yardage to knit this project.  Project photography by Piecework magazine, George Boe, photographer, styled by Ann Swanson.

The high Himalayan Mountains of Asia are the origin of the Cashmere goat. It is the fine undercoat ranging in colour from deep brown, grey and white we prize for its feel.  The costly dehairing process is necessary to separate the guard hairs from the undercoat before spinning.

Cashmere is luxuriously soft, fine and lofty providing lightweight warmth. The addition of silk makes cashmere more affordable and durable as well as adding luster. Cashmere blended with silk gives silk a downy softness. The yarn produced by this luscious marriage weaves and kints like a dream.

Color Now! gives you the opportunity to purchase perfectly dyed yarns that ship out immediately—no waiting for your yarn to be dyed especially for you!

Supplies of Color Now! are limited. The color shown here is available, but there may only be 1 or 2 skeins in this color.

Our skeins sizes vary a bit in size, ranging between 90-100 grams, with the average skein being 100 grams. 

We’ve listed the price for the AVERAGE weight skein.  We charge by the gram, so if your skein is a bit lighter, you’ll pay a bit less and if your skein is a bit heavier, you’ll pay a bit more.  If you need specific yardage for a project, please let us know in the comments section at check out so we can select the correct skein(s) for you.

Once your skein is pulled and weighed, we will adjust your price and then process your credit card. We will call you if we have any questions.

Yarn Type: Gōkana

Yarn Name Meaning: Luxurious (Japanese)

Yarn Details
yarnapprox. skein wt.yd/lbm/kgyds/skein
lace/thread weight
100 g
3.5 oz
7,500 15,090 1,570
For Weavers
Plain Weave
(supple) sett
Plain Weave
(supple) sett
Twill sett
28 EPI 32 EPI 34-36 EPI
For Knitters
Typical Gauge
4" or 10cm
U.S. needle size
Metric needle size
18+ 32+ 00-2 1.75-2.75

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