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» Store » Silk Fusion - scroll down! » Getting Started with Silk Fusion » Kit - Silk Fusion - 'Silk Fusion Starter Kit'

Kit - Silk Fusion - 'Silk Fusion Starter Kit'

Price: $25.95

Here's an easy way to get started with silk fusion!

The Starter Kit includes:
     25g Tussah silk fiber (natural, undyed)
     2oz Textile Medium
     18" x 24" fiberglass screen
     1" natural bristle brush
     Complete written instructions

Want to create with color--color will personalize your silk fusion and makes it extra fun!  

Click here to choose from our tussah silk roving in a lovely array of hand-painted (variegated) Salt Spring Island Colorways.  Or click here for our solid/tonal colors. 

***Quilting Arts magazine, Feb/Mar 2019 issue has a fabulous Silk Fusion technique article on pages 18-22, by Tamara Leberer***

How much can you make with one starter kit paired with one package of dyed silk? 
Good question, with the "it depends" answer. 
    It depends on how thick you make your piece of silk fusion. 
    Based on how thick I make the layers (to use as applique or other layering techniques), I can make at least two fat quarter size pieces (18" x 22")
    If you make it thicker, for journal covers, your silk won't cover as much surface area.

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