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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - 2 Skeins=2 Scarves; 'Glittering Diamonds' Shadow Weave

Kit - Weaving - 2 Skeins=2 Scarves; 'Glittering Diamonds' Shadow Weave

Price: $99.95

8 Shaft Weaving Kit  Each kit makes two scarves!  Weave one for yourself and give one as a gift!  

We wove 'Glittering Diamonds' in #20 Bordello and #57 Raven Black.  

We loved it so much that we were inspired to interpret our ‘Glittering Diamonds’ Shadow Weave scarves draft in different color palettes--and loved the color combinations so much we just had to put thogether a few Limited Edition Kits for you to enjoy!  

Shadow weave uses both colors in the warp and the weft (alternating light and dark in both warp and weft). As shadow weave needs 2-shuttles, can be a bit slower to weave, but the intricate design makes it one of my favorite weave structures. 

Bonus--if you switch the starting order of the yarn colors, you get a different look--a fun option for the second scarf!

Each kit includes
      --two skeins of Kiku (20/2, 100% Bombyx Silk) in coordinating colors (see drop down box for color options currently available)
      --a printed copy of the pattern draft.

Makes two scarves; each scarf is approx. 8.5" wide, 72" long, sett 24 EPI.
To see the draft immediately, you can download it at FREE weaving draft.

Color combos photographed at left:
  --#12 Pomegrante and #57 Raven Black
  --#19 Turkish Bath & #57 Raven Black
  --#52 Amethys and Natural whilte

We have new color combos that aren't photographed to the left:
   --#29 Tundra and #57 Raven Black. 
Tundra is a complex, taupe-y neutral that pairs beautifully with black.  A great combination for the sophisticated person in your life...including you!
  --#46 Peony and #1 Midnight Blue. 
Peony is a rich, rosey color which really is beautiful with the purpley-navy color #1 Midnight Blue.  
  --#46 Peony and Natural white. 
This is a fresh, spring/summer color combination.
  --#222 Creole Spice & #9513 Persimmon. 
The warm brick red of Creole Spice combines beauifully with the rich red-orange of Persimmon.  A wonderful pairing for fall or any time!

We love that some of these limited edition color combinations can work equally well for men or women.

Note:  if the color combo does not appear in the drop down box, then that color combination has sold out.  Call us toll-free (7455) or email if you'd like to get on the waiting list for that color combo as we will be back to the dye pots very soon.

Scarf woven by Robin Wilton for Treenway Silks (#20 Bordello and #57 Raven Black)

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