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» Store » Roving/Sliver, Natural » Roving/Sliver-Undyed » Eri Silk (red) Roving/Sliver (Wild Silk) - 200g

Eri Silk (red) Roving/Sliver (Wild Silk) - 200g

Price: $90.00

In addition to our White Eri Silk Roving, we now stock Red Eri Silk Roving, also from India.  Our Red Eri Silk is a wondrous brick red—the same color as the cocoon. 

The red color is naturally fugitive.  Typically the degumming step (removing the sericin from the silk cocoons is one of the steps to process the silk into roving) removes the natural-red color, making a cream roving. 

But our silk was processed in a way that required very little of the sericin to be removed, with retains the lovely brick red color.

We’ve learned that if you soak the red eri roving in water with a touch of mild soap (e.g. original blue Dawn®) the red color stays in tact, even when sharing the bath with white eri silk and natural tussah silk. 

But if you soak it with other items that have been processed differently (specifically bleached tussah), the ‘fugitiveness’ of the red color will stain the other items sharing the bath.

200 Gram (7oz) packages

Color:  natural brick red.

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