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» Store » Threads & Ribbons » DebBee's Designs » DebBee's Designs - Chart For "Baskets, Blooms & Butterflies"

DebBee's Designs - Chart For "Baskets, Blooms & Butterflies"

Price: $20.00

DebBee's Designs' Baskets, Bloom & Butterflies uses Treenway Silks' 100% silk threads and silk ribbons to stitch this lovey design, published in May 2015 Needle Pointer, the official magazine of the American Needlepoint Guild.

We've put together a thread kit which includes the complete collection of Treenway Silks' silk threads and ribbons needed to create this beautiful design!

1 skein 3.5mm Silk ribbon #22 Ballet Slippers
1 skein 3.5mm Silk ribbon Montano colorway "Cottage Garden"

1 skein Serenity silk thread #7 Bachelor’s Button
1 skein Serenity silk thread #40 Winter Sage
1 skein Serenity silk thread #212 One Hundred Acre Wood
1 skein Serenity silk thread #218 Love-in-a-Mist
1 skein Serenity silk thread #953 Mint Julep   

1 skein  Zen Shin silk thread #7 Bachelor’s Button
1 skein  Zen Shin silk thread #22 Ballet Slippers
1 skein  Zen Shin silk thread #37 Maize
2 skeins Zen Shin silk thread #40 Winter Sage
1 skein  Zen Shin silk thread #212 One Hundred Acre Wood
2 skeins Zen Shin silk thread #218 Love-in-a-Mist
1 skein  Zen Shin silk thread #308 Rose Petal Pink
2 skeins Zen Shin silk thread #953 Mint Julep

1 skein Harmony silk thread #37 Maize
1 skein Harmony silk thread #212 One Hundred Acre Wood   

1 skein Tranquility fine cord silk thread Montano colorway "Cottage Garden"
1 skein Tranquility silk thread #37 Maize
1 skein Tranquility silk thread #40 Winter Sage

220 yards total

Note: to complete, you will need the chart and canvas (details on the chart)

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